• Ceramiche italiane fatte a mano
  • Ceramiche italiane fatte a mano



Pottery and ceramics manufacturing “Ceramiche L’Antico” continues to preserve its one hundred year handicraft tradition, to carry on traditional techniques, creativity and passion for raw materials and to preserve the heritage of traditional Tuscan and Italian pottery.


The experience and skill of master craftsman has been handed down from father to son: the attention to detail and the continuous research for high quality materials and products is the first step to develop entirely handmade pottery and ceramics. Here you can really understand what is artistic ceramics and what are the best art ideas relating Italian pottery.

Added value

You can choose and buy the best artistic ceramics from the curated selection of our best-selling pottery and ceramics in the complete “Ceramiche l’Antico” catalogue or contact us to commission custom-made pottery artwork directly from our artists to paint your art ideas of Italian pottery.